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RRP: $55.00 (28 serves)

RRP: $29.99 (14 serves)

NEXUS Pre-Workout Sample Pack.

Not sure which flavour to get? Kick-Off your PER4M journey with our PER4M variety pack! You'll receive 2 sachets of each flavour (2 serves per sachet).

PER4M is the ultimate in pre-workout formulations. An explosive pre-workout aimed at setting a NEW industry benchmark. PER4M has been clinically dosed with 16g per Hardcore Serving utilising 17 carefully selected ingredients.

PER4M covers all aspects of training, by:
  • 1. Increasing your energy
  • 2. Elevating your mood
  • 3. Providing Clean, long lasting focus
  • 4. Increased Strength & Insane Pumps

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